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My cool collection of Pokemon, Dragon, Anime, and Pony art!



[Request] She's coming... by KyuremGirl

Information and Questions for Kyu!

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Common Questions that are asked:

I am mainly a Traditional Artist, meaning I like to use pencil and paper rather than playing with a computer's art studio.

Most of the drawings you will see in the future will be of my Mechanical Pencil drawings, and occasionally a Digital drawing. Digital Drawings usually take 3-4 hours longer than a sketched drawing, so those are mainly saved for Commissions/Trades and Collabs.

I do take requests once in a while, but not often. Sometimes I'll accept a random request from some random person. Hey, If I'm in the mood, it doesn't hurt to ask. So ask away. If I like the OC or Canon character enough, sure. I'll draw them. If not, please don't be angry.....

Yes, I do trades, but only a handful at a time. I've been having problems lately with people not finishing their trades, so I'm going to make a rule that I won't submit the drawing until they do. Trades are mostly done in sketches, but on rare occasions, I'll accept Digital Trades.

I do A LOT of pony artwork, just because of the immense demand on DA, and for the own sake of my OC, KyuFlake, whom I love dearly...You will be seeing A LOT of artwork of her.
I'm selfish.
I love KyuFlake WAY too much to sell her or give her up for any reason.

And that's pretty much it.
So welcome to my DA.
Have some fun.
Chat with me, I talk to everyone. I'm not the kind to close out certain people and only talk to the Pro's. I talk to EVERYONE.
I am also available for tutoring and help if you're interested in drawing like me. No, I'm not a pro, I'm just a hobbyist.
My suggestion to you is to continue drawing. Look at my gallery from when I first began. See how far you can go. The improvement is insane...
Just keep on practicing.
That's what I did!

These are all questions that I have recieved via note over the years. I think it's about time I clarify a few things some of you may be wondering.

Q: Your artwork is really neat! Do you take requests?

~Not usually. I don't often take requests because of the amount of time it takes to do a single drawing. But if I like your character enough, then maybe.

Q: Are you open for Art Trades?

~Rarely. I only like to do "fair" trades and not be given a sloppy sketch and call it even. I'm pretty picky about the people I trade with, so don't feel disappointed if I turn you down.

Q: Will you watch me back?

~No. I don't do watch-backs. I really only watch people I can learn from as an artist, or who have developed a close friendship with me here on DA.

Q: Will you give me a llama?

~I sure will. I love giving llamas. As long as you give me one first! XD

Q: Are you doing commissions?

~Yes, whenever I have time! Currently, I don'y have a PayPal, so I go by DA Points for now. You can always check my status in the Donations Box to see if I'm open. But please read my rules before sending a note, otherwise I'll turn you towards the rules page.

Q: Are you single?

~Yes, and I'd like to keep it that way. So don't ask. XD

Q: How often do you do Collabs?

~This really depends on how busy I am and what the partner could offer. I mainly do sketches for another to outline and color digitally, but I guess I could accept a few colors once in a while.

Q: Why are you so strict?

~It comes with being lied to a lot. I've lost trust in a lot of people here on DA, so that's a huge factor. I'm also a person that doesn't like rule-breakers or people who have no creativity. What I mean are people who don't respect other's artwork and trace/use bases to create their "very own artwork".

Q: Can we be friends?

~Of course! I'm open to any conversation, as long as it's not stalkerish. XD I like to talk to my fellow watchers as often as I can, and creative criticism is greatly appreciated!

Q: I'd like to use your style/Head-Canons.

~Well, that really depends on what you mean. As for the Head-Canons, I believe a small credit at the end of your artwork would be fine. Copying my art style, however, is a bit rude. You can use it as a baseline to creating your own style, but be sure to not completely copy me! Otherwise it won't be your original artwork.

Q: You OCs are so cute and awesome! May I use them in my story/artwork?

~Yes, as long as they are properly cited and referenced back to the owner, aka KyuremGirl. I will not tolerate any stolen work or OC from me.

Q: So you're a Traditionalist. Why do you draw Digital Art as well?

~That is actually a good question. A few years back, I didn't know how to draw digitally at all, and had to rely on the old ball-rolling mouse to draw on the computer. Then my friend introduced me to the Wacam Bamboo tablet, and I haven't parted with it since.

Q: What art studio do you use?

~At first, I used Paint, then moved onto GIMP 2.6, and then was directed to FireAlpaca (free download art studio) and have been using that since! FireAlpaca is amazing! Although SAI is something I desperately want, it's fairly pricey and I'm not a "pro" yet.

Q: What do you use for your Traditional Artwork?

~I actually use regular printer paper and a cheap mechanical pencil. I don't use expensive "drawing paper", as that stuff is a lie. It never preserves your drawings unless you spray it with a fixative. Smudging is a lot easier on printing paper, and the mechanical pencil makes sharp lines that glide rather easily over the smooth paper. As an eraser, I usually go with the old fashioned pink hand eraser, commonly used in everyday schooling.

If there are any more questions that I am asked frequently, I'll add them here later on.

Kyu by Furisutairu





KyuremGirl has started a donation pool!
8,312 / 10,000

Commissions, Adoptables, or Donations!


When I am doing commissions, I require a note sent to me with a link to a description or picture that you would like drawn. Also, when giving the points to me, PLEASE PLACE POINTS IN THE DONATIONS BOX. All other Commission information is seen in the journal link just below.

See this Journal for info related to Commissions:

Point Commission Info {Closed}Commissions will be closed until my health recuperates. 
Now offering Pondponies! 
I would love to draw more Pondponies out there, so if you have one, go ahead and Commission me! 
It will give me a lot of practice!
Price update (Traditional Media Only)!
Please note that if you have already paid/talked to me about a commission before this update (8/19/15], you do not need to worry about paying extra.
Added new info about Digital Full Body commissions. Digital Pegasi, Bat Pony, and Alicorn drawings will cost more due to the complexity of the wings. 
See below info and read through the details if you're interested.
I can draw OCs or Canon characters:
Things I can draw (you can also ask if there is something not listed below that you are interested in):
*sometimes* Humans
Mystical Creatures
Digital Commission:
:snowflake: There are five different Digital Commissions you can choose from; Lineless

Commission/Art Trade/Request Status

Commissions [CLOSED]

:bulletblue: :iconslashingprices332:
Details: Digital Full Body with Complex Background.
Cost: 400 Points
Payment: Paid in full.
Status: Starting brick layout.

:bulletblue: :iconfineprint-mlp:
Details: Traditional Sketch of 2 OCs with Simple Background.
Cost: 90 Points
Payment: Paid in full.
Status: Finished, awaiting response.

:bulletblue: :iconcrescentmoon96:
Details: Two Digital Busts of OCs.
Cost: 250 Points
Payment: Paid in full.

Status 1: Starting sketch.
Status 2: Not started.

:bulletblue: :iconwho256:
Details: Traditional Drawing of OC. Free Traditional Sketch: Sleepy OC with coffee.
Cost: 240 Points
Payment: Paid in full.

Status 1: Starting sketch.
Status 2: Not started.

Collabs [CLOSED]

:bulletblue: :iconmqsdwz35:
Sketched Outline---awaiting response and half.

:bulletblue: :iconauriaslayer:
1) Finished and Completed!
2) Sketched Outline. Awaiting half.

:bulletblue: :iconmoonofsouls:
Sketches of Skyrim Pony characters.
Status: Starting Sketches (ON HOLD).

:bulletblue: :iconsharon-lumiere:
Sketched lineart of RD and Twi.
Status: Finished my part. Awaiting other half.

Art Trades [ASK ONLY]

:bulletblue: :iconrannarbananar:
Give: Traditional Shaded of OC Kappa.
Status: Starting sketch.
Receive: Kamui Yuki drawing.
Status: Finished and given.

Requests [CLOSED]

:bulletblue: Sorry, but Requests are closed for the time being.

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KyuKyu Meep
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

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Kon'nichiwa! The name's KyuremGirl. You can call me Kyu....:iconkyurem117laplz:
There's not really much to say about me other then the fact I work at an Animal Clinic and currently attending a Private College to become an experienced Veterinarian Technician and Dental Specialist for dogs and cats.

About Kyurem...I am a rather huge fan of Kyurem. If you have an interest in him, please visit my fan-cub for the mighty Kyurem:

KyuFlake, my Pony OC, is rightfully mine. Feel free to draw her, but be sure to let me know. Her original design was created as a Kyurem OC, but she changed into my personality before I knew it over time.
Click on this link to take you to her ref page:…

Close DeviantArt Friends:

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How many of you would like to see a version of Kyu with her Windigo soul "out of control"? 

25 deviants said Yes yes yes so much yesssss~
1 deviant said No thanks.


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