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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Core Member KyuKyu MeepFemale/United States Groups :iconevery-mlp-oc: Every-MLP-OC
All OCs are welcome!
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Welcome to my page!

:snowflake:United States, Minnesota :snowflake: Traditional Hobbyist:snowflake:

The name's KyuremGirl, but most people call me Kyu.
There's not really much to say about me other then the fact I work at an Animal Clinic, am the boss of my very own Private Pet Sitting service, and currently attending a Private College to become a Veterinarian Technician and Dental Specialist for dogs and cats (also working there in Work Study to help pay off the expenses). I mostly work on Traditional Drawings, but recently have been interested in digital artwork, although I still have a long way to go.

:snowflake:Artwork by Ipun.

KyuFlake, my Ponysona, rightfully belongs to me, as well as any other of my OCs. Feel free to draw her at any time, I love fanart! But be sure to let me know when and if you do and give proper referencing/crediting while following DeviantArt's copyright laws.

:snowflake:Pagedoll by Elziah.

Commissions/Art Trades/Collabs/Requests

Well, what's next on the list?
If you have Commissioned me, are waiting for a Trade or Request, or the lineart of a Collab, please scroll down to see my status with your drawing. This is updated frequently, so come back from time to time to see your artwork's progress.

:snowflake:Artwork by SkunkDJ.

:snowflake:Commissions [Closed]:snowflake:

:bulletblue: Khimera
Details: Digital Full Body of OC.
Payment: $25.00 (PAID)
Status: Finishing flat color.

:bulletblue: MoonOfSouls

Traditional Shaded + extra OC.
Traditional Shaded + extra OC.

Payment: $9.00 (PAID)

1) Starting sketch.
2) Not started.

:bulletblue: PegasusJedi
Details: Traditional Sketch of OC.
Payment: $2.00 (PAID)
Status: Not started.

:snowflake:Collabs [CLOSED]:snowflake:

:bulletblue: Skittian
Sketched lineart of RD and Twi.
Status: Finished my part. Awaiting other half.

:snowflake:Art Trades [CLOSED]:snowflake:

:bulletblue: TanukiTime
Give: Digital Colored Sketch of Plantpony OC.
Status: Finished, awaiting response and other half.
Receive: Animated Christmas Icon of Kyu.
Status: Not given.

:bulletblue: PegasusXIII

:snowflake:Requests [CLOSED]:snowflake:

:bulletblue: Sorry, but Requests are closed for the time being.


KyuremGirl has started a donation pool!
100 / 10,000
For Point Commissions and Donations!

Thank you so much for visiting my page!

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Snowy, that's how I like it!

Snow, Ice, and everything nice!

:snowflake:Artwork by SevenSpirals.

:snowflake:Artists I admire:snowflake:
:iconky-nim: :iconcentchi: :iconinviizzible: :iconipun: :iconhuussii: :icondennyvixen: :iconhikariviny: :iconfamosity: :iconevehly: :iconerinkarsath: :iconearthsong9405: :iconcrystal-tranquility: :icondreamilicious: :iconahorseforeveryseason: :iconanightlypony: :iconarvalis: :iconassasinmonkey: :iconarcadianphoenix: :iconblitzpony: :iconbonka-chan: :iconcatandcrown: :iconcigarscigarettes: :iconclarichi: :icondormin-kanna: :icondevinian: :icondiigii-doll: :iconfalsusequus: :iconfrostykat13: :iconhasuyawn: :iconhalcyondrop: :iconjazzybrony: :iconkaji-tanii: :iconkeelerleah: :iconkay-i: :iconkhimi-chan: :iconkrowzivitch:

Amazing People and Friends
:icon3vilpyro: :iconrceizure: :iconauriaslayer: :iconazedo: :icondemonfox1295: :iconfurisutairu: :iconhaikana16: :iconhoneycrisp1012: :iconhappyshorty: :iconjaegerpony: :iconkittenstorm11: :iconkagomehanami: :iconmoonofsouls: :iconrannarbananar: :icondj-flaming-snowy-arc: :iconombraniwolf: :iconshellfish-queen: :iconnovy-dovy: :iconjahzi: :iconrazorsketches: :iconpegasusjedi:

:snowflake:Artwork by halcyondrop.


Kamui Yuki
Kamui is my official Ponypony.

:snowflake:Artwork by Rannarbananar.

:snowflake:Artwork by ScatteredLove.

"A long time ago, a green imp had torn Kamui's Shimenawa, the sacred rope and tassels that caressed his Guardian Sapling that rode upon his back. With the protective source of energy gone, Kamui began to lose strength and became ill with cruel nightmares. With the evil presence within the lands of Kamui, Yuki's power began to wane, and every day more and more demons began to destroy the sacred lands, and his pond grew tainted with evil.
With Yuki near the end of his life, a magnificent being appeared before him one day, carrying the light of the sun on her back. With a swish of her god-like tailbrush, Amaterasu had restored Kamui's Shimanawa. With his strength returning, Kamui Yuki made a vow to protect the lands with the new power Amaterasu had granted him."

~Records of Neighpon

Even though Kamui is single, he finds joy in watching couples pray to their life together near his pond. Kamui may seem laid-back and calm, but he bursts into laughter for no apparent reason at the weirdest of times.
Kamui's tree only blooms once a year during a festival that the northern Oina Tribe hold to honor his protection. He is full of smiles and randomly breaks down into laughing fits. No one knows why he does.


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