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My cool collection of Pokemon, Dragon, Anime, and Pony art!


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KyuFlake's going to get a Winter Outfit! Need some ideas and inspiration for what kind of outfit...


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Kon'nichiwa! The name's KyuremGirl. You can call me Kyu....:iconkyurem117laplz:
There's not really much to say about me other then the fact I work at an Animal Clinic and currently attending a Private College to become an experienced Veterinarian Technician and Exotic Veterinarian Specialist.

About Kyurem...I am a rather big fan of Kyurem. If you have an interest in Kyurem, please visit my fan-cub for Kyurem:

KyuFlake, my Pony OC, is rightfully mine. Feel free to draw her, but be sure to let me know. Her original design was created as a Kyurem OC, but she changed into my personality before I knew it over time.
Click on this link to take you to her ref page:…

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I'm going to be making a little "blog" about my adventures in Skyrim.
Since I have been feeling rotten since early this morning, I have been playing Skyrim almost non-stop. It's addicting and really fun. So my idea is like this: Make a blog and keep it up to date about the adventures and hardships I have in the game. Feel free to skip all the skills and levels, as they are basically not really needed for your knowledge. They are there just to tell you my growth and your feedback in the game. Skip down to "Story of the Day" to review about what I did. This is kind of similar to a Nuzlocke. Thanks for reading!


Name: Kyu
Level: 37
Status and Residence: Married to Belrond in Whiterun, housed in Breezehome.
Gender and Race: Female High Elf
Specializations: Archery, Light Armor, Sneak, Smithing
Equipped Armor: (All arms are "Exquisite") Theives Guild Gloves-Lockpicking is 15% easier, Theives Guild Armor- Carrying Capacity increased by 20 points, Shrouded Cowl- Bows do 20% more damage, Glass Boots, Necklace of Magicka- Increases Magicka by 30 points, Ring of Eminent Health- Increases Health by 50 Points.
Equipped Weapons: Exquisite Ebony Sword, Exquisite Glass Bow- If target dies within 3 seconds it fills a soul gem and also burns the target for 12 points- targets on fire take extra damage, Dwarven Arrows, Orcish Arrows, Pickaxe, Valdr's Lucky Dagger- 25% chance of a critical hit.
Current Battle Companion: Mercer Frey (I love his battle skills! He's a frickin' beast!)
Steed: Frost


Heavy Armor: 40
Block: 20
Two-Handed: 21
One-Handed: 59
Archery: 74
Light Armor: 61
Sneak: 72
Lockpicking: 51
Pickpocket: 23
Speech: 56
Alchemy: 49
Illusion: 29
Conjuration: 25
Destruction: 53
Restoration: 43
Alteration: 25
Enchanting: 48
Smithing: 81

Story of the Day

As I adventure from town to town, a few normal Brown dragons attack in between visits to the shops. After successfully shooting them down and gaining several archery levels, I took their loot, and discovered the most annoying part of the game. Their bones weigh a friggin' lot! Luckily, Frost was standing nearby, and I was able to mount and run back to Riften to sell all those bones and scales. Although I have already completed the quests required in the main story arc, I decided to sell the dragon loot instead of trading them in for "magical dragon" potions. Anything with the word 'potion' attached to it was sketchy in my book anyway.
Adventuring into a mountainous area, I spotted three Frost Trolls and panicked. These things are not easily manageable on your own, but when you snipe them from afar, they pose no threat. After looting their fat, I climbed the mountain and scanned the horizon for any dragons. Luckily, I spotted a Frost Dragon off in the distance, roaring away like the usual. Approaching the beast was simple: hide in the shadows and wait for it to land. Then my ding dong of a partner ran off and caught the beast's attention, therefore allowing it to see me as well. The battle began with the usual hide-behind-a-tree-and-snipe-from-afar tactic that I picked up fighting dragons. All went well until my partner collapsed, and I was left with Frost to deal with the creature. It landed on the ground, breaking my aim with the bow, and throwing several of my arrows off target. Frost was picking the dragon's health off bit by bit, but wasn't helping much. I switched to offensive mode and took out my Ebony Sword. Although One-Handed is not my strong point, and I do not have strong armor, it payed off in the end. Several health bottles and multiple magic healing spells later, I finally managed to down the beast. It dropped two Dragon Bones and three Dragon Scales, 120 coin, and several other low-level loot. My partner finally showed up again once the dragon was defeated; go figure...
After the defeat, I wandered around the East portion of Skyrim, killing off as many Saber Cats as I could find because of their pelt quality and leather formation. Any other furred animal that came scampering across my path also fell victim to my uncanny bowman skills. Discovering a cave guarded by two Cave Bears caught my interest. After defeating the beasts, I crawled inside. To my surprise, there were three more Cave Bears. Thanks to my Sneak skill, I managed to pass them up and find a high area to use my bow. As I slipped across the mossy surfaces of the cave (while managing to harvest some Bleeding Crown running along the cave walls), I was able to find the perfect sniping spot. After I let the first arrow fly; it hit its mark, right square in the forehead, earning a critical hit. It caught the attention of the bears, and they wandered around aimlessly looking for where the attack came from. They never did find my hiding spot, and never will. After all three were dead as door nails, I crept down and looted their pelts and claws for later Smithing and Alchemy. Proudly climbing out of the cave, my partner nearly scared the living daylights out of me. He literally just appeared right in front of my and pulled his sword out like he was attacking me. But to my surprise, he was after a Spriggan that suddenly showed up. I don't like Spriggans, so I just hid in the shadows and let Mercer take care of it. It eventually died (after a few attempts) and was able to get Spriggan Root from it, a rare ingredient that I like to use in Alchemy.
A few minute's travel led me to another cave, this one with an injured man. He asks to help heal his wounds and help slay the Spriggans that reside in the cave; and had ambushed his fellow bear hunters. I agree, of course, hoping to score some more Spriggan loot. Again, with my Sneak, I was able to avoid any detection from the Spriggans, and successfully sniped two of the three. The final and third one did spot me however, as I got cocky and decided to get out of sneak mode, forgetting there was a third hiding. It pummeled me with what to my eyes looked like flies or bees, and knocked back several feet. Thankfully, the same hunter I had helped heal came to my rescue while Mercer was looking at flowers near the shore in the cave-go figure again...Although he can be a beast in battle, there may be a few glitches out there that make your warriors look down dazed...
Thanking the hunter for his save, he gave me his lucky dagger, as his thanks. I left the cave with more than I had originally planned, smiling gleefully at the trove of treasures now weighing down my knapsack. Getting onto Frost, I traveled home to Whiterun, and stored my goodies in the multiple organized chests lining the house. My husband happily greets my presence, giving me today's share of the gold he earned at home while I was out risking my neck. I ask for a Homecooked meal, too tired to cook up tonight's beef stew and grilled salmon on our hearth. He happily agrees, giving me a delicious looking pie with god-knows-what he put in it. What ever it is, I am feeling great after eating it.
I head upstairs and store the rest of my extra unneeded things in the chest by my bed. I sit down in the chair and read The Wolf Queen VI, while nibbling on my Sweet Role that magically appears from time to time.

A good day of exploring. A good day indeed.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: All sorts of Anime and Japanese music.
  • Reading: Warriors and Rangers Apprentice
  • Watching: Detective Conan, Hunter X Hunter, Black Bullet
  • Playing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem, Skyrim, P4G
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


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When I am doing commissions, I require a note sent to me with a link to a description or picture that you would like drawn. Also, when giving the points to me, PLEASE PLACE POINTS IN THE DONATIONS BOX SEEN ABOVE.

See Journal for info related to Commissions:

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:bulletblue: Sorry, closed for now!

Art Trades

:bulletblue: :iconloadedelements:
Give: Traditional Shaded of OC.
Status: Finished and given.
Receiving: KyuFlake
Status: Not given.


:bulletblue: Please ask with a note! I don't accept all Requests due to lack of time.


:snowflake: :iconshawnthezoroark:
Details: Digital Headshot of Lyla Black OC.
Status: Starting digital outlines.

:snowflake: :iconarcanel8:
Details: Digital Detailed Chibi of Arcanel OC.
Status: Finished rough draft. Awaiting outlining.

Thank you for reading!!!

:iconkyuflakelaplz::iconkyuflakelaplz:Commish for KyuremGirl: Kyuflake by TripperWitch:iconkyuflakelaplz::iconkyuflakelaplz:
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


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