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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist KyuKyu MeepFemale/United States Groups :iconevery-mlp-oc: Every-MLP-OC
All OCs are welcome!
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Deviant for 4 Years
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If you're interested in Commissions, Collabs, Trades, or Requests, please scroll down to see my art status before noting me.

If you have Commissioned me, are waiting for a Trade or Request, or the lineart of a Collab, please scroll down to see my status with your drawing. This is updated frequently, so come back from time to time to see your artwork's progress.

Commission/Art Trade/Request Status

Point Commission and PayPal Info {CLOSED}Commissions will be closed until my health recuperates.
I am no longer offering Digital Full Body with Backgrounds because of how much time goes into them. I simply don't have the time to do those anymore...I'm in need of money, but don't have the time to do one complex drawing for the price I'm offering. Because of this, there is a price update.
Now offering Pondponies! 
I would love to draw more Pondponies out there, so if you have one, go ahead and Commission me! 
It will give me a lot of practice!
Added new info about Digital Full Body commissions. Digital Pegasi, Bat Pony, and Alicorn drawings will cost more due to the complexity of the wings. 
See below info and read through the details if you're interested.

I can draw OCs or Canon characters:
Things I can draw (you can also ask if there is something not listed below that you are interested in):

Commissions [CLOSED]

:bulletblue: Sorry, but Commissions are closed right now.

Collabs [CLOSED]

:bulletblue: :iconmqsdwz35:
Sketched Outline---awaiting response and half.

:bulletblue: :iconauriaslayer:
1) Finished and Completed!
2) Sketched Outline. Awaiting half.

:bulletblue: :iconxsparklingstarlight:
Sketched lineart of RD and Twi.
Status: Finished my part. Awaiting other half.

:bulletblue: :iconmoonofsouls:
Sketches of Skyrim Pony characters.

1) Mooncatcher: Finished.
2) KyuFlake: Sketch finished, awaiting other half.

Art Trades [CLOSED]

:bulletblue: Ask me in a note if you want to do an Art Trade. I don't accept all trades, so please don't be disappointed. It all depends on how much time I have. ^-^

:bulletblue: :iconquila111:
Give: Traditional Shaded of OC Saussurea.
Status: Not started.
Receive: Winter Gray
Status: Not given.

:bulletblue: :iconashen-redmane:
Give: MYO custom Frost.
Status: Not started.
Receive: NA
Status: NA

Requests [CLOSED]

:bulletblue: Sorry, but Requests are closed for the time being.

Personal Projects

:snowflake: These are little projects that I jot down when I get the idea. I slowly work on them over time, and hope to submit them regularly. This is more or less just for me to keep track of the drawings I want drawn. Commissions and Trades all come first though, so I need to finish those before starting on my own personal projects.

1) Shipping War Sketches PRIORITY
Status: Starting seventh sketch.

Status: Not started.

3) Windigo KyuFlake Unleashed
Status: Starting sketch.

4) Colored Reference of Kamui Yuki on tree.
Status: First part finished, starting background.

5) Update color reference of Winter Gray.
Status: Not started.
~ ~…


:snowflake: This area will telly you what Frost I will be working on next, as well as any ideas that I get. This will be rather slow with updates because I already have so much to do! I'll be updating the journal corresponding to each Frost, so keep an eye out for it! These will also be made based on the order they are in.

1) Mare Emerald Frost
Progress: Finished. Auction now open:

2) Mare Fiery Frost
Progress :Not started.

3) MYO Slot.

4) MYO Slot.

5) MYO Slot.

Information on the Frosts:

Frost Pony Species ReferenceFrosts are a Closed Species that belong to KyuremGirl.
Do not make one unless you have my permission.

This is a page to help you with identification with the species.
Frost Pony FAQ

Basic Information
Frosts are ponies that have a sleek equine appearance, and are usually taller than most ponies.They always have long paintbrush-like tails, but no Frost has the same tail color, pattern, or style. Each tail is unique.There are five different types of Frosts, based off of their villages:GrasslandMountainWaterSnowyEvergreenFrosts carry specific genes in their lines (such as bi-colored manes/tails, Dorsal Stripes, and Strips), and are only available to purebred Frosts.NEVER have Black Pupils. The pupils are a darker color of the iris, this is a unique feature only seen in Frost lines.NEVER hav
Frost Pony FAQIn order to fill this out, I need you to ask TONS of questions about the species!
Please ask me in a note format, and I will add your questions to this list to help with future references.
This would be a HUGE help!
Frosts are a Closed Species belonging to KyuremGirl.
Do not make one unless you have my permission.

More info on the Frosts of Krystelletine:
Frost Pony Species Reference

Q: Where is this so-called "Krystelletine" and how do you pronounce it?
A: Krystelletine is a fan-made area found in the northern-most part of Equestria. It was based off of Norse Mythology and is heavily influenced by the cultures found there. Although instead of worshiping the Gods, Frosts find their worship in the mythical Windigos that supposedly have lived in Krystelletine for thousands of yea
Frost MYO Chart'Bout time I got around to this. XD
Frosts are a Closed Species that belong to KyuremGirl
Do not make one unless you have my permission.
This is a page to help you with identification with the species.
Frost Pony FAQ

What is a MYO? 
MYO stands for "make your own" which literally allows a custom-made closed species come to life for your very own character.
How do you start?
Most people offer a starting base price. This all depends on if they want DA Points or actual money through Paypal. I only offer these for Points at the moment, but will consider Paypal in the future.
What do I do?
Well, I have a chart of characteristics to choose from. Male/female, color, traits, etc... Then you place what you would like in the chart and send it to me via note. After we agree, I will set up a LiveStream for you to watch and correct OR yo




KyuremGirl's Profile Picture
KyuKyu Meep
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

Kon'nichiwa! The name's KyuremGirl. You can call me Kyu.
There's not really much to say about me other then the fact I work at an Animal Clinic and currently attending a Private College to become an experienced Veterinarian Technician and Dental Specialist for dogs and cats. I mostly work on Traditional Drawings, which is artwork created using the old fashioned Pencil and Paper, but I use a regular cheap Mechanical Pencil (with 0.7 mm lead), High-Polymer Eraser, and regular Printing Paper. I have recently started Digital Artwork, but it's not my strong point and am still very new at the concept.
I am a rather huge fan of Kyurem. If you have an interest in him, please visit my fan-cub for the mighty Kyurem: Kyurem-Kori-Club
KyuFlake, my Pony OC, is rightfully mine, as well as any other of my OCs. Feel free to draw her at any time, but be sure to let me know and give proper referencing/crediting and follow DeviantArts copyright laws. Her original design was created as a Kyurem OC, but she changed into my personality before I knew it over time. My profile picture was created by the ever-so-amazing TheNornOnTheGo, which is a headshot of my darling Kyu. If you would like to learn more about her, please scroll down on the left side of this homepage and click on her first reference picture: KyuFlake, The Winter Pegasus. You can also take a look at her folder in my Gallery, as well as in my Favorites section to see artwork created by me, and other very talented artists. You can also scroll to the left and down to find her biography.

This beautiful bust image below and full body image was drawn by the amazing Ranarbannanar of my Pondpony OC, Kamui Yuki!

Close DeviantArt Friends:

:iconfurisutairu: :iconcourageous-of-light: :iconankoku-sensei: ::iconanimerocks234: :iconkeekoi: :iconoosolareclipseoo: :iconhoneycrisp1012: :icon3vilpyro: :iconauriaslayer: :iconanightlypony: :iconfainalotea: :iconwishingstarinajar: :iconrannarbananar: :iconresonent-chaos: :iconmoonofsouls: :iconashen-redmane:

Friends I know in Real Life:

:iconkittenstorm11: :icondemonfox1295: :iconhaikana16: :iconlipcat: :iconthezooman: :iconpokeshipgirl: :iconbluedraconian: :icongunslingerprincess: :iconrceizure:

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Which Okami Character Are You?
Which Okami Character Are You?
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What Dragon am I?
Ice Elemental Dragon
"You most likely are serious and protective. At times you can be hot-headed, but when a loved one is in danger, the person that has picked the fight has not picked wisely. Even though you are weak against Fire Dragons you will still do a major amount of damage. Though this dragon can hurt you, you will come out alive. You have a heart of gold. Be proud of your dragon! You are the quickest of dragons."

What Animal am I most like?
"If you were an animal, you would be a pegasus! You have a very wild spirit, and people envy you for your beauty. Though you do have some who are very jealous of you, 97% of people love you for your kindness. You are a true angel."

What Spirit Large Cat am I?
Snow Leopard - Quick & Innovative
"You're a doer, thinker, and builder. But you're also humble and honest. Innovative and resourceful, you're not afraid to take risks to achieve your goals. You're smart and adaptive. People are drawn to your dedicated and enterprising spirit. But you're also reserved and relaxed. You're calm, cool, and always collected. You're a great mediator and good listener. It takes a lot to make you angry. Passion and respect mean a great deal to you."

Minnesnowta stamp by RizzaJaxMinnesota Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaWinter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseWinter Love Stamp by smileystampsWinter Nights by skinnyveestampWinter Stamp by WerxzyWinter lover stamp by KillerSandySTAMP: I Love Winter by Crystal-MooreI Eat Snow Stamp by TakkaiaI Love Winter Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoWinter Stamp by Anatha-Himewhen i think of winter by obsidianstampsLet It Snow Stamp 1 by Sebs07Season Stamp - Winter by NenyehSnow Stamp by RowanLewgalon

Snowdrop Stamp by LoreHoshikoSnowdrop stamp by Mel-RoseySnowdrop stamp by ClassicAmy

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kyurem fan- logo. by Fritzz88
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Kyurem by CreepyJellyfish Kyurem-black by CreepyJellyfish Kyurem-white by CreepyJellyfish

East and West - Compass by Kyuubi-DemonFoxGIF request - Scubby9 by Kyuubi-DemonFox

Kaito Kid Icon- Run, devil run by ChinJinKaito Kid Icon- Oops by ChinJinKaito Kid Icon - Cute by ChinJinKaito Kid Icon- BANG by ChinJinKaito Kid Icon- Madame II by ChinJinKaito Kid Icon- Kaito is Magic by ChinJinKaito Kid Icon- Madame I by ChinJin

Kaito Kid stamp by MiziNekoHeiji Fan Stamp by AlonelyConan Mmm Stamp by AlonelyConan Fan Stamp by TheSnowDrifter


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